Are you undecided? This is a sampler package of our four varieties of wheat berries- 5 pounds each of Windy White, Scout 66, Turkey Red Heirloom Whole Wheat Berries and 4.5 pounds of Rustic Red Whole Wheat Berries.

We have recently updated this listing to include Scout 66, which was previously sold out.

White / Hard Red / Turkey Red/ Scout 66 Winter Wheat Berries Sampler

SKU: 19.5eB
  • Prices here include shipping, figured in the most economical amounts to ship. If you would like different amounts or different combinations, please contact us. 

  • We grow these on our own prairie farm, using Dryland practices. We never spray Roundup or any herbicide, pesticide or artificial fertilizer. We do not and will not grow any GMOs.
    Since we are not officially certified organic yet (but are working on it) we are not legally allowed to use the o-word (organic) even though we use organic farming methods.