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We are so excited to be able to offer  Scout 66 again this year. Kevin's grandfather grew Scout 66 on the same land that we farm today. Scout 66 heritage heirloom variety of hard red winter wheat that was quite popular starting in 1966, but is very rare today. We have grown it this year from certified seed on our own farm.

Colorado Scout 66 Heirloom Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries

SKU: 19.5S66B
  • We grow these on our own prairie farm, using Dryland practices. We never spray Roundup or any herbicide, pesticide or artificial fertilizer. We do not and will not grow any GMOs.
    Since we are not officially certified organic yet (but are working on it) we are not legally allowed to use the o-word (organic) even though we use organic farming methods.

  • Prices here include shipping, figured in the most economical amounts to ship. If you would like different amounts or different combinations, please contact us. 
    It is most efficient to ship 20 pound boxes within Colorado. The boxes have a maximum allowance of 20 pounds, so we send 19.5 pounds to allow for the weight of the cardboard.

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