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We will freshly grind any of our whole wheat berries for you for an additional 20 cents per pound. 
Rustic Red and Windy White Flours are $.95 per pound for a face-to-face sale.
Scout 66 and Turkey Red Heirloom Wheat Flours are $1.60 per pound for a face-to-face sale. The prices below include shipping within the state of Colorado. We ship flour in 19 pound boxes because that is the most cost effective increment to ship in.

We are a Colorado Cottage Food Producer. Flour is ground under the Colorado Cottage Food Act. We can only ship flour within the state of Colorado. 

“This product was produced in a home kitchen that is no subject to state licensure or inspection and that may also process common food allergens, such as tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, milk, fish, and crustacean shellfish. This product is not intended for resale."

Freshly Ground Flour

  • We will mail your order as soon as we can. We do not keep stock on flour and grind everything as we sell it, so sometimes we have a lag shipping flour. 

    Prices here include shipping, figured in the most economical amounts to ship. If you would like different amounts or different combinations, please contact us. 

  • We do not keep stock on flour and will freshly grind your flour order.

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