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Our grasss-finished steers will be going to the butcher in April. Despite the name of our farm, the steers never eat grain. We do not spray any of our land. They eat hay that we have raised ourselves. 
The steer is $5.65 per pound, sold by the hanging weight and including processing. 
The weight of the meat in your freezer will depend on his anatomy and also the cuts of meat that you select. 
We are asking for a deposit to reserve your steer. The actual cost of the steer will depend on his individual anatomy. 
We can sell a steer by the whole, half, or split half. 
This online listing is to reserve your steer. We will send an invoice for the balance. This is not the full cost of the steer. This deposit is non-refundable.

The April Steers will be going to Otteman's Meat Processing in Flagler and be wrapped in freezer paper. 


Grass-finished steer

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